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AUTHOR: Ronald Shelton

TITLE: The Bug Out Chronicles

SUBTITLE: Exodus & Exiles


ISBN-13  9781545655030 paperback

PRICE: $17.99

ISBN-13  9781545664629 ebook


PRICE: $8.99


GENRE FIC000000 

Fiction/Christian/Futuristic FIC042020 

Fiction/Science/Fiction/Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic FIC028070

Fiction/Dystopian FIC055000 



TRIM: 6” x 9”

BINDING: Perfect Bound

PUBLISHER: Xulon Press




WHOLESALE ORDERS: Available through and many major wholesalers















Ronald is a life-long outdoorsman, prepper, and survivalist. He has fine-tuned his survival skills over the past 30 years, teaching his children and grandchildren the same basic skills he learned early in life. His belief in preparedness comes from deeply instilled Christian values and biblical principles. He and his wife now reside in Newburgh, Indiana.



















Are you prepared for the apocalypse?

Author Ronald Shelton’s new release, The Bug Out Chronicles: Exodus and Exiles, is a heart-racing tale that illustrates the power of faith and resilience in an imploding world. It chronicles the story of John Thompson, a Christian who suddenly finds himself and his family trapped in a post-apocalyptic world with only his faith and survival skills left.

​In the distant, or not so distant future, A World War to control oil resources has sent world governments, world economies and society, in general, into total collapse. The Protectorate, a neo-government military agency created to control the general population, has banned personal firearms and executed or interred those that defy them.  Murderous marauders now scavenge the countryside, living on what they can steal.

John Thompson and his family will have to make their way through unprecedented danger and uncertainty to safety. As a man of faith, John Thompson has studied the prophetic scriptures and believes Tribulation has begun.  Exiled in the mountains, the families’ survival depends on their ability to cope with nature, adjust to their new environment and defend against predators, both animal and human.


“Ron’s writing style makes you feel what the characters are experiencing. Great story! I can’t wait to read his next book.”

                                                                      Mike Sibrel

“This is a manual on what to do and what not to do if you have to survive in a hostile environment. The story-line events are very plausible and maybe even prophetic given the state of our world.”

                                                                      Tyler Green

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