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Evansville, IN, March 15, 2019

Christian survivalist, Ronald Shelton is out with a new post-apocalyptic novel, ‘Exodus and Exiles’,

the first book in his ‘Bug Out Chronicles’ series.

Exodus and Exiles is a heart-racing tale that illustrates the power of faith and resilience in an imploding world. It chronicles the story of John Thompson, a Christian who suddenly finds himself and his family trapped in a post-apocalyptic world with only his faith and survival skills left.

In the distant, or not so distant future, A World War to control oil resources has sent world governments, world economies and society, in general, into total collapse. The Protectorate, a neo-government military agency created to control the general population, has banned personal firearms and executed or interred those that defy them.  Murderous marauders now scavenge the countryside, living on what they can steal.

John Thompson and his family will have to make their way through unprecedented danger and uncertainty to safety. As a man of faith, John Thompson has studied the prophetic scriptures in the Bible and is able to discern the beginning of the Great Tribulation. He has trained and prepared his family for long-term survival in the wilderness. Separated by 3,000 miles, each family unit escape into the mountains to avoid the chaos created by the Protectorate.  Exiled in the mountains, the families’ survival depends on their ability to cope with nature, adjust to their new environment and defend against predators, both animal and human.

As relationships are tested and dangers pose immanent threats, Thompson must endure spiritual hardships with the power of Christ alone.

In this post-war journey, Shelton invites you to discover the reality of a Christian dystopian society and the truth behind eschatology, the rapture, and other prophecy found in the book of Revelation. A timely Christian fiction novel that foreshadows real events, The Bug Out Chronicles combines true-to-life action, adventure, and suspense with the hope found in Jesus Christ.

‘The Bug Chronicles: Exodus and Exiles’ paperback and ebook editions are available now in online book stores like:,,, and Apple Books.

For Wholesale orders:  Available through and many major wholesalers.


About the Author

Ronald Shelton is a life-long outdoorsman, prepper and wilderness survivalist. He spent his adolescent years in rural northern Alabama where hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging and farming was part of normal day-to-day life. His father and grandfather taught him how to butcher wild game, how to preserve food and the essentials for survival in the wilderness. He has fine-tuned his survival skills over the past 30 years, teaching his children and grandchildren the same basic skills he learned early in life. His belief in preparedness comes from deeply instilled Christian values and biblical principles. He and his wife now reside in Newburgh, Indiana.


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