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Review: Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite


The Bug Out Chronicles: Exodus and Exiles is a work of Christian fiction focused on apocalyptic adventure, penned by author Ron Shelton. In a near-future world ruined by economics, politics and the terrifying Black War that sees totalitarian control put into place, we follow our hero John Thompson and his family in a bid to survive the apocalypse of man. John’s devout faith in Christ keeps him sane as he and his family escape government control and work to survive in the mountains and woodlands whilst the rest of society suffers and collapses without them. In the land of exile, John’s faith keeps him hopeful despite his suffering.

Using the Christian faith as a basis for a survival story is an unusual and effective angle for this excellent work of science fiction, dystopia, inspiration, and survival. I liked the concept of the tribulation and the desperation of society which now relies solely on the government to try to help them survive. John’s fortitude as an everyman hero is well realized by author Ron Shelton, and though John is faithful, he is also not blind with it and is practical about his situation. The biblical references and considerations about the state of the modern world are apt and reflective of our current time, mirroring a terrifying future that may await us all, and showing how one family’s staunch beliefs get them through their difficulties. Overall, The Bug Out Chronicles: Exodus and Exiles makes excellent reading, and comes recommended for Christian sci-fi and dystopia fans everywhere.

Reviewed by Ray Simmons

I simply loved The Bug Out Chronicles by Ron Shelton. There’s really not much else to say, but I need to say something because this is a review. First, I love science fiction. Anything written well which is an intelligent opinion or speculation about future events, I find utterly fascinating. Always have, and probably always will. The Bug Out Chronicles meets both of these stipulations. It is very well written. Not so much in a flowery or poetic sense but in a clear, straightforward manner that keeps the reader engaged. It makes sense and it keeps you reading. I also love books about former military men, probably because I am one. I also like and respect books that send a clear, positive moral message, and The Bug Out Chronicles checks that box too. Finally, who doesn't like a story about family, good neighbors, and good friends? All these qualities are found in this book. It’s an awesome read. I liked and admired John Thompson. He is a talented, skilled, softspoken family man who is taking care of his family in very difficult times. Fall of civilization times. End of the world as we know it times. He is his family’s rock, their anchor in the storm. But he isn't Superman. They are his support system too. His wife and kids are so normal, so American, and so worth saving. This is a story about a world that has fallen apart and a family that has managed to stay together. There is a strong theme of Christianity and doing the right thing. All in all, this is a great book, with a great story. Ron Shelton is my type of writer.

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke

The Bug Out Chronicles (Exodus & Exiles) by Ron Shelton is a Christian fiction book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy dystopian and apocalyptic stories. John Thompson finds himself living in a post-apocalyptic dystopian land where the government has collapsed and he is left to survive in this world with only his wits, faith, and his survival skills. Yet, even when things seem bleak and impossible to survive, John Thompson knows that he is not alone. He has the power of Christ to guide him and his family in their attempt to survive and evade the great tribulation and neo-government control. Is John Thompson’s faith enough to sustain him and his family during their journeys or will it all end in only hardship and death?

The Bug Out Chronicles (Exodus & Exiles) by Ron Shelton is a well-written book with a setting and overall emotional feel that reminded me a bit of The Walking Dead, Badlands, and Colony. I have read and watched many post-apocalypse movies, TV shows, and books yet this is the first Christian one that I have come across and it quickly became my favorite. I find that in fictional post-apocalypse worlds, the survivors always seem very quick to abandon their faith. That has always been rather unsettling to me as I feel that characters would be more likely to hold strong to their faith in the face of such loss and devastation. The author did a brilliant job in making everything seem so very realistic and in keeping true to the Bible in the Christian nature of the book. Overall, this book is my favorite dystopian novel and I really hope the author decides to write more books in this genre in the future!

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