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The Plan for Prepping

One thing I have said repeatedly is, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I’m not sure who said that originally, but during my lifetime I have found it to be true, whether personal or job related. It certainly applies to Survival planning. So much has been written on emergency preparedness and natural disaster planning, I think it is worthwhile to discuss some basic truths about planning your bugout.

First and foremost to consider is, how long will it be before things return to normal after an event? Your life expectancy could be tied directly to how long you have planned to bugout. If, you have only planned for a 72 hour event and the recovery is twice or three times that period, what do you do when you have exhausted your supply of water and food? If you have only planned to survive for 72 hours, then that is your life expectancy should your estimate be wrong. I like to refer to this as the “critical error”.

Use the critical error method of thinking to develop contingency plans or, “what if” scenarios.

· What if when a hurricane or earthquake hits my town, it takes a month to restore power, water, emergency services, medical services, and transportation?

· What if it takes longer than expected?

· What if there is no water source?

· What if I exhaust my food supply?

· What if looters attack my house?

· What if my house is severely damaged, what do I do for shelter?

· How do I cook food, if the power has failed?

· What if I need medical attention?

· What if the devastation is so bad that I have to leave the area for safety and there is no transportation, public or personal?

The list can be extensive and complicated, but if you haven’t put some thought into it, you are destined to be one of the victims of the crisis.

The time to plan is NOW!

Next, I will address some keys to wilderness survival. Stay tuned.

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